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What to Know Before Travelling to Curacao

When you think about heaven on earth, what comes to mind? Imagine an island on the Caribbean where the sun never goes down, and architecture reminds you of pastel-colored cotton candy. It has crystal blue water that invites you to jump in after exploring the rocky beaches to top it off.

This is the paradise that awaits you if you’re travelling to Curacao. If this holiday destination already bewitches you, then this is what to know before traveling to Curacao. First, let’s get into a brief history lesson.

In 1979, Willemstad, Curacao’s capital, together with four of its historic districts (Pietermaai, Punda, Scharloo, and Otrabanda), entered the Unesco World Heritage list.

This was an effort to maintain the history of the island as a European colony. Consequently, what you have are multiple locations that can provide Instagram worthy photos.


Visiting Curacao
Best time to visit Curacao

Regardless of your reasons for visiting Curacao, it would be best to get acquainted with its inner workings. The island isn’t as popular as its sister Aruba, but taking the trip is worth it. Here’s an essential list of what to know before traveling to Curacao to be one with nature.

1. Car Rentals

Before you visit Curacao, one of the first travel tips you have to be aware of is the transport system and the best ways to get around the island.

Your best bet for getting around the many hotels and restaurants while getting some activities in between is getting a car rental. It’s the only way you get to explore Curacao without worrying about putting dents in your budget.

Once you’re out of the airport’s arrival hall, turn to your right to find car rental services. Remember to book your rental early during the high season.

2. Curacao Accommodation and Hotels

There are plenty of accommodations or hotels in Curacao. All you need to consider is your budget, the quality of the hotel, and the style. Don’t expect to live in grandiose, though; the accommodations and hotels are mostly primary and simple since they lean towards Dutch visitors due to the Dutch history.

However, there are smaller, more modern hotels that cater to more contemporary styles. If you prefer to stay in villas, they are also available. Some of the best places to visit include the Baoase, Suba Lodge, Papagayo Resort, Villa Royale, and Mondi Lodge.

3. Curacao Beaches

Curacao boasts 36 beaches, but most of them are found on the south side of the island. The beaches on the northern side have nothing on the lake union kayak in Seattle. They aren’t suitable for swimming, either. So what are the beaches like? Well, the beaches on the island are all unique in their own ways as they don’t stretch into sandy expanses.

Instead, you will find beautiful coves and bays, each unique from the other. There isn’t any food offered on the beaches, so ask if you can get a cooler from your accommodation to pack your own.

4. Curacao Weather

traveling to curacao
Travelling to curacao

If you’re planning to travel to Curacao, be ready to experience warm weather throughout your trip. However, you still want to avoid the rainy season between September and March. If you’re still wondering what is the best time of year to visit Curacao, that should be the summer months as there’s little to no chance of drizzle and you can go to the beach whenever you want.

During summer, temps can get to as high as 35 degrees Celsius and go low to 28 degrees Celsius in the winter. As this is the case, the best time to visit Curacao is in December all through to April as the wind is more relaxed and the island is green.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of what to know before traveling to Curacao. Whether you’re visiting for a short stay or a more extended period, Curacao is an island that’ll bring you closer to paradise.

To ensure that your trip is fun and with no hurdles, you should take the tips we’ve provided into consideration. Don’t forget to carry your webcam when traveling to Curacao. There’s no better way to show your social media what you’re up to.

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